With a populace of over 200,000,000 with over 15,000,000 in lagos by myself and with it comes a robust modern community, town and cities with a super farmer’s marketplace and plenty extra.


Lagos additionally has pretty some of hospitals and scientific centers, with a 4.9% populace estimate for humans with disabilities and a extensive wide variety of humans over sixty five years of age. With that being said, it’s most effective suitable to have a customized transportation carrier company like Widerange Transit to take humans anyplace they want to go, whether or not it’s for entertainment or scientific purposes.

Widerange Transit non-emergency scientific transportation (NEMT) is a safe, wheelchair-pleasant transportation carrier that caters to our seniors that want greater help getting around.
There’s additionally alternatives for bariatric wheelchairs, wellknown or motorized, even for electric powered scooters. Widerange Transit’s fleet of cars are among the best available vans.

Get to Hospitals and Medical Centers with No Hassle Need an Emergency journey to any Medical Facility Medicine in Lagos? Whether it’s a journey for your self or a cherished one, WideRange Transit offerings are simply one name away, and you could even  book reservations in advance of time on line or via the WideRange Transit Web Platform .

Book WideRange Transit for your Non Emergency Medical Transportation near me today.


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